Minggu, 21 November 2010



Listen to me just this once,U should know
It won’t take much time, it’s all in my mind
I’ve got so many things to say

I don’t know where u come from,what u made from
Something whisper me so good, how could u
Send me a pack of lies

We could make it simple
Why u always set me in trouble
I’ve never been so sure, my feeling lack to shows
But u don’t even care I know

U can fill ur eyes with tears
Wreath ur face with smile
Somehow I can’t deny
But I’m trying to let u go

If this is ur game
U're the only one who makes the rules
I've tried to play this one
If this is ur game
but u never let me find the rules
I'm tired to play this one
and I loose myself for nothing

I wonder if u know
Suddenly u changed my mind
I wonder why u go
I can’t believe what we’ve become now
I wonder if u know
suddently u make me drown
I wonder why u go
I’ve only got myself to blame


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