Senin, 22 November 2010

a football boy on the yard

ayo main bola
di halaman belakang saja
biar ga jauh jauh nanti bolanya
rumputnya cukup hijau kok
ajakin bruno juga dia senang ngejar bola
sore sore begini enaknya memang main bola kok

Minggu, 21 November 2010



Listen to me just this once,U should know
It won’t take much time, it’s all in my mind
I’ve got so many things to say

I don’t know where u come from,what u made from
Something whisper me so good, how could u
Send me a pack of lies

We could make it simple
Why u always set me in trouble
I’ve never been so sure, my feeling lack to shows
But u don’t even care I know

U can fill ur eyes with tears
Wreath ur face with smile
Somehow I can’t deny
But I’m trying to let u go

If this is ur game
U're the only one who makes the rules
I've tried to play this one
If this is ur game
but u never let me find the rules
I'm tired to play this one
and I loose myself for nothing

I wonder if u know
Suddenly u changed my mind
I wonder why u go
I can’t believe what we’ve become now
I wonder if u know
suddently u make me drown
I wonder why u go
I’ve only got myself to blame


Rabu, 17 November 2010

a song for you my best friend

when i got out of gas

i was so confused

it made me felt so depressed

i didnt know what to do

so i just called you

you're my best friend

you're my best friend

yeah i got to go down town

so you're my best friend

"may i use your bike" i said..

oh you're my best friend..

cap kora kora

reparasi dan jual sepatu

panggilan dan antar

sekend dan baru

tua dan berewokan